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Health and Life Insurance Leads Program

At, we are not your "average" health and life insurance lead company. We are a modern and innovative company that is always "raising the bar" in the insurance lead industry! Our Lead Service Program is the most technically advanced web based software in the industry, which in turn gives you the best, most highly qualified leads! Why settle for any other insurance lead program?

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Health and Life Insurance Leads Program Benefits

Here are a Few Benefits to our Health and Life Insurance Leads Program:

  • Receive leads with Genuine Interest in purchasing Quality Health or Life Insurance!
  • Leads are delivered in Real-Time through either Email and/or SMS Text Messaging!
  • Targeted Leads to meet your area criteria!
  • No Commitments!
  • The Most Affordable Health and Life Insurance Lead Service on the Web!
  • Our Insurance Leads are automatically Pre-Screened for all Major Health Risks! You won't receive an uninsurable lead, unless of course you want to!

There is one catch, not everyone can join our unique program... will only partner with agents who possess the qualities which we believe contributes to our mission; to provide our visitors with fair and unbiased insurance information and to help them find the health or life insurance plan which best suit their needs. If you are a licensed expert in the health and/or life insurance market and are willing to provide our visitors with top notch customer support, APPLY NOW!

Insurance Leads Program FAQ

Company FAQ

  • What is all about?
  • is a free insurance informational website that strives to provide education and assistance to the users who are looking into obtaining health or life insurance. First, to educate our visitors, our Learning Center will provide them with Articles and FAQ’s on Insurance and other related resources. In order to provide the assistance that they need, we offer a simple Insurance Quote Request Form, which gives them the opportunity to connect with qualified licensed insurance professionals who represent top-rated health and life insurance providers.

  • How long has been in the insurance industry?
  • has been in the health insurance industry for over 5 years. We have recently expanded our services into the life insurance industry. We are a modern and innovative company in the insurance industry that is always looking to “raise the benchmark”!

  • What makes so different from other lead programs?
  • is not your “average” insurance lead company. We utilize our multiple exclusive marketing techniques to provide you nothing but the best in quality. Why settle for any other lead program out there?

  • How can you be the most affordable insurance program?
  • We believe that true lead quality doesn’t mean that you have to overpay! With the quality amount of health and life insurance leads that we bring in at the already low cost that we offer, you have the chance to receive the best ROI in the market today!

Health and Life Insurance Leads Program FAQ

  • How does the Insurance Leads Program Work?
  • Users that are interested in getting health or life insurance will provide their personal information through our easy online quote request form. Once the user hits the “Submit” Button, we immediately forward this lead with all the information collected, directly to you! The user will be expecting a call back from an agent, so you can contact them to provide them with your services.

  • How are these insurance leads delivered?
  • These quality insurance leads can be delivered to you via email and/or SMS text messaging.

  • What does Real-Time leads mean?
  • Unlike some insurance lead companies in the market, our leads are sent to you as soon as the person hit the “Submit” button on our quote form. The faster you get the leads, the better!

  • What do you mean by targeted leads?
  • When receiving these insurance leads, would you like to take a whole state, a specified area, or a county? There are many other factors but the bottom line is that targeted leads will only bring quality leads!

  • What exactly is automatically pre-screened with these insurance leads?
  • iWebQuotes offers the ability for you to customize the filters on your health and life insurance leads? Since the majority of agents can’t handle certain health conditions, offers the ability to customize your filters. You choose what conditions, ages, locations you want to receive.

  • How is it possible to have insurance leads with real interest?
  • Unlike some health insurance lead companies in the market, our leads are sent to you as soon as the person hit the “Submit” button on our quote form. The faster you get the leads, the better!

  • Are the insurance leads shared to other agents?
  • This is another benefit that little agents know about the Lead Program. Some insurance lead companies believe in selling a single lead to 5 – 20 agents! Our standards promise you that our leads are shared with 3 agents/lead! Currently, we are sharing leads at a rate of 1.8 agents/lead!

  • No Commitments?!? There has to be a catch…
  • It might sound too good to be true but yes, we will not tie you into any form of commitment! Based on our standards and a commitment to true quality, our Insurance Leads Program will speak for itself.

  • Do you sell exclusive health and life insurance leads?
  • It’s a possibility. Just contact us for more information.

  • Do you sell senior market leads?
  • Even though our standard filters exclude you from leads over the age of 63, you can change your insurance lead filters to include that!

  • Do you sell uninsurable leads?
  • If you are appointed with a health insurance company that can offer a competitive rate for our uninsurable leads, let us know and we will include them in your campaign!

Return Policy FAQ

  • What is your return policy?
  • Our Health and Life Insurance Leads Program has the best return policy in the industry! Here is what it covers… Duplicates, False Contact Information, Uninsurable Leads that might slip, Leads Submitted by your Competitors, Leads Outside of your Targeted Area.


If you have any questions about our Agent Program, or the application process, please contact us through any of the methods below.  Someone will reply to you within 24 business hours.


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  • 667 Union Boulevard
  • Allentown, PA 18109

Sales Phone:
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